When left unoccupied or primarily unoccupied, buildings in the Houston area can deteriorate rapidly. With no eyes regularly examining the building for issues, damage can happen quickly. Don’t wait until you’ve had major property loss, or been slapped with a city citation. Titans Commercial will work with you to create a plan to maintain and protect your vacant building, day and night. 

Why You Should Get a Vacant Building Inspection

Specialized Inspections

As professional building inspectors, we realize that not every structure is built the same, thus not all inspections must be performed in the same manner. We offer specialized services for vacant lots and buildings, including the following:

  • Low-maintenance services, such as mowing, weeding, leaf removal, trash removal, and fence repair
  • High-maintenance services, such as roof inspections, exterior lighting and electrical fixes, and repairs
  • Weatherization
  • Security services, which include camera monitoring and installation, vandalism monitoring and repair, and modifying thermostats, pumps, and other mechanical equipment as necessary
  • General inspections for structural stability, pests, and any other issues

Avoid Citations with a Maintenance Plan

If you have a building that is unoccupied, make sure to have a certified abandoned building inspector and facilities management team take care of all the loose ends. Don’t wait for a citation. We will customize any and all programs to prepare the building for immediate or future occupancy.

Call Titans Commercial for Property Inspection and Maintenance Needs

Need extra help in maintaining your unoccupied building? We understand you’re busy! Don’t worry about dropping something important! Let the expert facilities management team at Titans Commercial manage those day-to-day tasks of building maintenance and repairs for you. Contact us today at (713) 741-3180 to schedule an appointment for an assessment of your property maintenance and inspection needs. 

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