Safety is always concern number one, so how do you prevent what is known as “sick building syndrome”? At Titans Commercial, we will ensure your building isn’t posing threats to you or your guests. Through a rigorous environmental assessment and inspection, proper facilities management and planning, and any necessary repairs, our inspectors will rid your building of mold, asbestos, lead, and any other contaminants that pose a health threat. Contact us at (713) 741-3180 to schedule an appointment.

Phase I Environmental Assessment

Preparation is key when it comes to assessing buildings for contamination. Knowing and identifying all potential and existing contaminants within a building is step one. Through our Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), we sample soil, air, wood, water, and other materials to determine problems with the building before they become problems with your health. Whether performed in tandem with another of our inspection services or by itself, the ESA will essentially deem a building or property safe or unsafe for occupancy.

Phase 2 ESA and Remediation

If issues are found, we may explore other options through our Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment service. Further analysis of certain types of buildings is normally essential to fully remove contaminants. Such buildings include those that house manufacturing equipment, waste storage, automotive shops, dry cleaners, laundry facilities, machine shops, service stations, chemical plants, and others. We will go over all options during the assessment, informing you of any steps that need to be taken so your business can continue to develop.

If our inspectors discover contaminants, we can provide all remediation services to both alleviate your stress and safeguard your guests, peers, and tenants.

Schedule an Environmental Assessment

In addition to environmental assessments and remediation, we also perform other inspection-related services throughout all of Houston, including Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, and Pearland, TX. Our services include pest control, reserve studies, and repairs, and inspections for vacant buildings, new construction, condo and apartments and much more. Call us at (713) 741-3180 today to schedule an environmental assessment or other service.