As a business owner or investor, you want to do all you can to make sound real-estate decisions. Your business, your employees, and your livelihood depend on it! You don’t want to purchase an investment property only to have it eat away at your cash flow.

To avoid property-buying missteps, be sure to hire a qualified, professional building inspector to complete a full commercial property inspection. At Titans Commercial, we go above and beyond the minimum inspection requirements to make sure you have all the information you need to make your business decisions.

Nothing is “standard” about a commercial property inspection, and our inspectors understand that. We customize each property inspection to your needs and to the unique nuances of your industry. From condo and apartment properties to new construction, our building inspections take into account the unique features of that property, how you plan to use it, construction codes, safety, and much more.

With any property inspection, we’ll do a thorough analysis of the building’s structure, foundation, systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.), roof, siding, and overall condition. We also take a look at any appliances or special features, like elevators or security systems, to check their condition and estimate life expectancy.

At the completion of the commercial property inspection, you will receive an in-depth written report. This inspection report will let you know the condition of the property and help make the decision to either lease or purchase the property. You may also use this information to negotiate purchase or lease conditions.

A building inspection is a must-have when you’re making decisions about where to house your business or invest your hard-earned dollars. Know all you can about the property by scheduling an inspection with Titans Commercial. Our licensed and certified inspectors provide the highest inspection quality in the Houston area.

Contact us at Titans Commercial today at 713-741-3180 to schedule your property inspection or to ask more about our high standards and commitment to our clients.

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