3 Reasons to Have Your Rental Property Inspected

Some property owners don’t conduct regular inspections on their rental properties. Usually, the first sign that something is wrong is when the tenant calls for a repair. However, you can avoid costly and unexpected repairs when Titans Commercial inspects your … Continued

3 Types of Outdated Electrical Panels

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Why a Tenant Inspection Is Important

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How to Avoid Sick Building Syndrome

We’ve all been inside them: buildings where you know as soon as you walk in that something is off in the air. Whether it be mold, chemicals, asbestos, or other pollutants in the air, all can cause acute or chronic … Continued

What’s Included in a Commercial Property Inspection

Looking to buy commercial or rental property? Buying commercial property can bring exciting opportunities, but the unknowns can be overwhelming. Hiring a trusted inspection partner can make all the difference. Titans Commercial has been conducting property inspections for decades, and … Continued

Get a Tenant Inspection before You Lease

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Bed Bugs: The Invisible Threat to Your Property

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Commercial Property Inspections You Can Trust

As a business owner, you know you can’t afford to get a sub-par property inspection. Too much depends on you making a sound real-estate investment—you, your employees, your customers, and so much more. Therefore, you need to know you’re getting … Continued