The water cooler in your office is like a rare reservoir in a jungle. Though there may be temporary peace among species, microscopic dangers can still result in death. When people think of worker’s compensation, common notions include slip and fall accidents or situations where they are immediately and physically injured. Many do not consider how improper building maintenance and rotten conditions can affect your long-term health and be carried back into your home. Titans Commerical provides expert service and detailed inspection for all commercial and residential buildings in the Houston, Texas area. For professional guidance and safety of your building’s inhabitants, contact us online, or call at (713) 741-3180 today! 

For the majority of people, a 40-hour work week is the norm, which means we are generally stationed in an environment for at least 160 hours a month. This is more than enough time for pests such as bed bugs, roaches, and fleas to infiltrate clothing and luggage but for bacterial plagues and sicknesses to cling on to fingertips and personal items as well. Listed below are a few common illnesses found in the workplace: 

Wash Your Hands at Work

Biological Contaminants 

The biggest dangers are the ones that are hidden from the human eye. Workplace sicknesses have been known to spread rapidly and even be carried back to the home. Unfortunately, there are some buildings that do not have proper ventilation which can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide and other germs such as benzene and styrene that can cause sickness and even cancer.

Biological exposure to toxins including viral, fungal, and mold hazards can survive in carpets, water coolers, and curtains. These infestations can trigger dormant allergies and provoke asthma attacks. Common ailments such as the flu tend to spread through physical touch or even get caught on doorknobs and other commonly used surfaces. 

Mold Sickness Infographic

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), if an employee is exposed to mold and becomes sick, the employer is responsible. The sick individual may sue their employer for medicals bills, pain and suffering, as well as compensation for their missed paychecks. 

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