Commercial real estate can be fraught with complications, and you don’t want to make it more complex by hiring an inferior property inspection company. Instead, you want to protect your investment by thoroughly questioning any potential property inspector. We at Titans Commercial recommend that you ask your building inspector these five questions before entering into an agreement.

1. What are your qualifications and credentials?

Never hire a commercial building inspection company that isn’t licensed and insured as such. These credentials are important! Each state has its own property inspection requirements, and you want to make sure that your inspector knows and meets those standards. Plus, it’s a good idea to verify that the inspection company is a member of any professional or trade organizations.

2. What do you include in a property inspection?

While Texas has specific standards that building inspectors need to meet, some inspection companies may offer additional services or specialty inspection add-ons that are necessary for your industry. Make sure the building inspector is familiar with the nuances of your business—whether you own an apartment building or retail store—and what you need in a property.

3. How long does a typical building inspection last?

This question can save you a headache when inspection day rolls around. You’re a busy executive whose time is often scheduled from dawn until dusk. This question gives you a good idea of how much time you need to set aside to be present at the inspection.

4. What do you include in the property inspection report?

Each inspection company has its own reporting format. Ask to see a sample report or get a detailed description of what’s included. Many companies—like Titans Commercial—even include life expectancies of appliances and other systems in order to help you make an informed real estate decision.

5. How soon can I expect to receive the report?

When you’re planning to lease or purchase a property, you can’t afford to move slowly. Ask the property inspector how long after the property inspection you can expect to receive the report and in what format (email, USPS, online access, etc.). These questions can help you sift through the quality property inspectors from those who aren’t in it to help their customers.

Feel free to contact the team at Titans Commercial anytime to get answers to these and any other property inspection questions you might have. We pride ourselves in offering professional commercial building inspections for business owners and residents in the Houston, TX area. To schedule a property inspection or to ask a question, don’t hesitate to call us today at 713-741-3180.

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