We often associate termite damage with residential properties, but they can also be a nuisance for commercial buildings. Termites are small but mighty creatures, carving tunnels through walls by eating away at the wood. Not only can they colonize an entire building, but they can also cause serious structural issues for your business. The inspectors at Titans Commercial know just what to look for regarding the favorable conditions your building offers for a termite colony.

5 Favorable Conditions for Termites

1. Landscaping

Many commercial buildings have landscaping for aesthetic purposes. These shrubs, mulch beds, and trees close to the property are perfect invitations to termites. They even give direct access to your building. Branches that hang over the roof or log piles stacked near the building can also invite termites into your building. 

2. Moisture

Some termites thrive when there is excessive moisture. If you have a lawn sprinkler system, the exterior of your building likely gets wet with each session. Water can enter your building and help these termites survive. Increased moisture can also lead to wood rot and fungi growth. 

3. Concrete Cracks

If your building has a concrete foundation, it’s not uncommon to find cracks. As the earth shifts and your building settles, cracks are to be expected. These cracks are the perfect entry point for termites into your building. Termites only need 1/55th of an inch to get through the slab. 

4. Foam Insulation

If your contractors used foam insulation, they were doing you a favor when it comes to energy savings. However, if that foam insulation has direct contact with the soil, termites can easily penetrate and get into your office building. Foam insulation also retains moisture, which is another reason termites could be attracted to your building. 

5. Below Ground Siding

Brick, vinyl, wood, and stucco constructed below ground can create a favorable condition for termites. These pesky bugs like to create their mud tunnels between the siding and the foundation, entering your building completely undetected. While it might be tempting to want your siding to meet the soil, it’s probably not the best idea.

Get a Termite Inspection

Your business or commercial building is an essential part of your company. That’s why the inspectors at Titan Commercial are here for all of your property and building inspection needs, including looking for termite damage. We provide inspections for condos and apartments, as well as residents throughout Houston, TX. To schedule your next commercial inspection, call us at (713) 741-3180.

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