Over the years, new-build apartments have been on the receiving end of all types of scrutiny. Lax building standards, material shortages, and tight deadlines have all caused issues for apartment owners. Under these circumstances, many buildings experience serious problems later on down the road. Furthermore, these issues even cause negative building reputations. Thankfully, a commercial apartment inspection from Titans Commercial can identify any of these five common issues with a new-build apartment building.

5 Common Issues with New-Build Apartments

1. Water Leaks

Waterproofing all areas of a new-build apartment building is always challenging. It’s not uncommon for two- or three-year-old buildings to start having issues with water leaks around windows, sinks, faucets, and laundry rooms. If waterproofing isn’t done correctly during the building phase, you can expect to start getting phone calls from tenants in the near future. Water leaks can also cost owners thousands of dollars in repairs, restorations, and mold control. 

2. Foundation Cracks

Buildings of all sizes move, and stopping them from doing so is nearly impossible. However, there are engineering wonders that can help mitigate the symptoms associated with settling and ground shifting. Unfortunately, not every building developer or budget accounts for this, and thus buildings experience foundation cracks later on. In some extreme cases, issues with the foundation can lead to cracks in the walls and ceilings of units themselves. 

3. Faulty Gutters

Channeling rainwater away from the apartment building is crucial. Yet, many new builds experience gutter faults. The reasons behind faulty gutters can be undersized gutter boxes, buckled roof sheets, and unsealed flashings. When gutters fail, it can cause leaks in units, creating unhealthy living quarters for your tenants. So, make sure you don’t cut corners when it comes to the gutters. 

4. Tiling Issues

Many new luxury apartments utilize tile in the bathrooms and kitchens to attract tenants at higher leasing agreements. However, many corners are often cut with caulking and adhesives, which eventually leads to tiling issues. Re-tiling a floor or replacing broken or loose tiles can cost you over time. Furthermore, loose tiles in the lobby or even in individual units are a safety hazard and need to be addressed immediately.

5. Noise Penetration

Many new-build apartments have a terrible reputation for the amount of noise that penetrates the walls. Not only do tenants complain they can hear one another, but they can also hear outside traffic and conversations on the sidewalks. To help mitigate this, builders should consider layouts, barriers, and sound-proofing materials during the building process. Otherwise, apartment owners will be left with noise complaints and unhappy tenants. 

Get Your Apartment Building Inspected Today

Whether you’re building a new highrise or buying a new complex in Houston, TX, Titans Commercial can provide you with a detailed and comprehensive inspection report. We’ll look for common faults, pests, and make recommendations on repairs and restorations. In addition to apartment inspections, we also offer construction inspections, environmental assessments, and facilities management. So, give us a call today at (713) 741-3180

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