Managing a residential block of condos or apartment complexes is multi-disciplinary task: you have to find the right tenants, keep up with the maintenance, and plan for future costs and improvements. Plus, you have to making sure your business is profitable. Let the pros at Titans Commercial do a proper condo or apartment inspection to ensure everything is up to date and in working condition, and reap the four benefits described below.

4 Benefits of Apartment and Condo Inspections

1. Your investment is protected.

When acquiring a new condo or multi-apartment complex, you’re investing a significant amount of money. Titans Commercial can help you protect your investment by helping you know the ins and outs of the property. Our building inspectors will carefully assess the condition of the property and give you a head’s up on repairs needed now or in the near future. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether to purchase the condo.

2. You’ll know your building’s condition, inside and out. 

We provide customers with an incredibly detailed report about the building. You’ll have a record of visible defects, rebate and recall information, rates on life expectancy of appliances and parts within structures, and details about manufacturer’s recommended replacement intervals. With this information in hand, you can properly allocate money to where it’s most needed, now and in the future. 

3. Eliminate problems before they arise.

Whether you’re purchasing a property or you just had tenants move out, our property inspectors will thoroughly evaluate the condition of the condo. We’ll suggest repairs so you can make a plan for when and how to fix them – before they become major problems.

4. Happy tenants.

You know this: without someone occupying your condo, you can’t make money. Keeping the property in good condition is a major reason for why tenants choose to stay month after month or year after year. We suggest scheduling an annual condo inspection for each of your properties. This way, you can assess the condition and address any problem areas with tenants. With our detailed building reports, you’ll have all the information you need. 

For condos and apartments in the Houston area, Titans Commercial is the premier commercial inspection team. We can customize a building inspection to meet your specific needs. To schedule an inspection, contact us today at (713) 741-3180.

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