Older homes come with a lot of charm and unique architecture, but tend to no longer meet updated building codes. At Titans Commercial, we specialize in residential home inspections that provide detailed information about possible system dangers and building features. We not only inspect the foundation and HVAC system, but we also examine the outlets and electrical panels. Old homes tend to still have outdated panels, and here are the three most common ones we find.

3 Types of Outdated Electrical Panels

1. Federal Pacific

Federal Pacific electrical panels are commonly found in homes built between 1950 and 1980. They have been reputed for years for having a high breaker failure rate, causing house fires and electrical shocks. If you’re wondering if your home has this breaker, look for Federal Pacific, or FPE on the front panel. 

2. Zinsco

Zinsco electrical panels were put into homes throughout the 1970s, and not all of the homes built during this decade have upgraded boards. Unfortunately, these electrical boards are unable to keep up with today’s electricity outputs, which results in melted wires, electrical fires, and electrical shocks.

3. Challenger

Challenger electrical panels were installed in homes during the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately, two types of panels made by Challenger are faulty, overheating while under normal conditions. Many that still exist in older homes today identify as GTE-Sylvania or Zinsco. 

Home Inspectors Who Care

When it comes to inspecting the electric wiring and panel in your old home, turn to our experts at Titan Commercial. Not only do we inspect homes around Houston, TX, based on current and updated building codes, we’re highly trained to look for outdated systems and electrical panels. We can also identify outdated panels in commercial buildings, rentals, and vacant buildings. To schedule an appointment with a representative, contact us today at (713) 741-3180. 

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