Some property owners don’t conduct regular inspections on their rental properties. Usually, the first sign that something is wrong is when the tenant calls for a repair. However, you can avoid costly and unexpected repairs when Titans Commercial inspects your rental homes. In addition to avoiding a major hit to your pocketbook, here are three other reasons a rental property inspection is in your best interest.

3 Reasons to Have Your Rental Property Inspected

1. Ensures Rule Enforcement

When your tenants sign a lease, they agree to all of your terms and conditions, including taking care of property upkeep, especially inside the home. A professional home inspection can ensure that your current tenants keep up their end of the bargain. These inspections will also notify you of any alterations or modifications renters have made during their stay. 

2. Satisfies Home Insurance Policy Requirements

Even with a rental property, you’ll want to have homeowners insurance. Although your renters might have their own insurance, there may be things covered by your policy and not theirs. To get the best rates and keep your policy valid, you’ll need to have these inspections done regularly. Proof that you’ve kept up with inspections will ensure you don’t own a home that’s not covered. 

3. Maintains Value

Owning rentals is one of the best ways to increase your personal wealth. But how can you be sure that what you own is valuable and worth it? Well, you have a home inspection. Regular inspections and visits to your property ensure that it’s well maintained, and not becoming an eyesore in the neighborhood. A poorly maintained property will decrease not only the value of your property but also those around it. 

Schedule Rental Inspections Today

If you own several properties around Houston, TX, and need to have them inspected, give Titans Commercial a call. Our property inspections not only protect you as the leasor, but also protects your leasees from any unforeseen damage or structural issues. Want your entire property managed? Then ask us about our facilities management, and don’t forget about our property repair services and pest control. Schedule your appointment today by calling (713) 741-3180.

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