Looking to lease a property for your business? Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you have everything in place from the legal agreement to the building inspection. Serving the Houston area, Titans Commercial is versed in aspects of commercial building conditions and maintenance.

Here’s some of the most important questions you’ll need to address before signing a commercial lease in Houston:

1) Has your attorney reviewed the contract terms?

If you’ve made verbal negotiations with your lessor, such as the amount of parking spaces or the use of space that is outside of your leased space, then you’ll want your attorney to review the contract terms. Verbal promises are hard to enforce without the proper documentation to back it up.

2) Do you know the building’s condition?

In addition to hiring effective legal help, it’s crucial that during the process of leasing a commercial space that you hire a team of licensed building inspectors. Just like you would ensure for a home buying purchase that you know everything about the property, you’ll want the same knowledge for a commercial purchase.

While many lessors are fair and honest, there are instances where some lessors take advantage of their clients. Gain an accurate assessment of a building’s current condition with a thorough tenant inspection.

3) Who will handle the repairs?

Normally, when you lease a home or apartment, it’s the landlord that handles the repairs. However, the repairs may be your responsibility when it comes to commercial spaces. At Titans Commercial, we offer property repair service for regular maintenance and damage from the elements. We’ll assess and fix even the most minor problems.

We provide solutions to customers through all phases of property ownership in the Houston area. Contact Titans Commercial at 713-741-3180 for more information or schedule an inspection today.

Visit www.businessknowhow.com for more questions to ask before signing a commercial lease.

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